Alex K workouts are tough and fun

Alex K workouts are tough and fun

Alex K workouts are tough and fun

Alex K workouts are tough and fun at the same time. His goal is to give you drills that you can adapt to your own intensity level and make them fun by giving you a lot of variety. Here is what one participant has to say.

“I became disillusioned and bored with the gym earlier this year, and stopped going. After months of inactivity, a friend suggested working out with Alex K. I enlisted my sister and nieces to sign up with me, and found that exercise can be fun (even though there were times we wanted to throw things at Alex)! Although incredibly intense, Alex is a great motivator who encourages you when you think you can’t possibly continue. After every session, we all said how glad we were that we did the workout, and what a great workout it was. It’s like having your own personal trainer (for a great price!). Looking forward to the next Alex K workout!?? Marlene Kammenos

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Ultimate fitness motivation with Alex K

Ultimate Fitness Motivation with Alex K

Ultimate Fitness Motivation with Alex K

If you are looking for the ultimate fitness motivation in your life then take a look at training with Alex K. He loves fitness and pushing people beyond their limits to achieve their goals. Here is what one of his many of his participants has to say.

“Alex has really helped me step up my fitness endurance! He’s such a great motivator and really knows how to push you out of your comfort zone!! I want to thank Alex for making me do things I never thought I could do and making me addicted forever!!!”?? Karlene Ross

Alex K has taught tens of thousands of people throughout his career and they keep coming back for more. He will inspire you to get fit and live it as a lifestyle.

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Alex K takes you beyond your limits


Alex K takes you beyond your limits

Alex K takes you beyond your limits

Alex K takes you beyond your limits. He strives to bring this experience to everyone he trains whether it be in person or online.

“The Bootcamp classes have done wonders for my cardio and endurance. It???s something I would never have the discipline to do on my own.” Tori Dalair

Tens of thousands of people have trained with Alex K over the years and he has earned his reputation as one of the toughest in the business. If you want to experience what it feels like to train like a top athlete check out We are positive you won’t be disappointed.

Workout for busy professionals with Alex K

Workout for busy professionals

Workout for busy professionals via herlitz_pbs

A workout for busy professionals is often difficult to achieve. Many people end up working long hours to obtain success in their careers and forget that their health is vital to their success.

“After years of being active, I switched careers and staying in shape became more of a challenge. When I heard of ETS Bootcamp with Alex K, it seemed like a great way to stay in shape with a consistent workout. No matter what shape you are in Alex K will find ways to push you to achieve yours goals. It is a fantastic way to not only tone up and lose weight, but also increase to your cardiovascular health. I would recommend ETS Bootcamp and Alex K for anyone who is committed and motivated to improve their fitness. You will not be disappointed!” Alyssa Wiens

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Woman drives one hour for Alex K training

Alex K training

Alex K training

This woman drives one hour twice a week for Alex K training sessions and loves it.

“I drive all the way from Coquitlam for this class so that must say something about how good it is! Always something new and different. If you want to lose weight and have fun this class is the answer!”?? ~ Jenna McRae

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ETS Beach Body Winner Lost 21lbs in 12 Weeks!

ETS Beach Body Winner

ETS Beach Body Winner

When ETS Beach Body Winner Michelle Kask won our contest she had a goal of losing 15lbs in 12 weeks. Not only did she achieve that, she lost even more. Her prize was 4 weeks of personal training, 4 weeks of Cardio Blast videos and then 4 weeks of training with Alex K doing his own workouts. Here is what she had to say about the experience. Congrats Michelle!

“Panic would describe how I felt when Alex K called to tell me I was the ETS Beach Body Winner. But once I accepted the challenge I was determined to succeed. After years of on again off again diets I was set to do it right this time ! With Alex guiding me how could I go wrong?

Starting weight: 186. 2 pounds Week 1-4 :
I had stuck around this weight for the past 2 years. Starvation, exhaustion, ready to abandon this whole silly contest – I persevered. My first work out with Alex K was intense. Since he had no one else to focus on except me, I crawled out of the first session feeling proud at what I had accomplished. With his encouragement and my determination I had made it through my first workout ! Every week Alex K changed the workout, with the variety who could get bored?!
End of Week 4 Weigh in: 176.8

Week 5-8: What do you mean I have to stay on track with my eating? Alex K encouraged me to stay on track with my eating every day. Keeping a food journal and having to show it to him helped me stay on track. If I did stray I could see the difference on how I felt.
These 4 weeks I used the Cardio Blast videos. Encouraged to exercise daily I used the videos 3 times a week. Having Alex K in my living room even on the TV I had an incredible work out using these video???s. I really liked how you could adapt it to any fitness level.
End of week 8 weigh in: 171.6

Week 9-12: The four most challenging weeks to stay focused and on track! The last four weeks I did Alex K???s workouts with him. Again he was great with his variety in workouts which kept me on my toes. I never thought I could work out along side my personal trainer. It was fun making him sweat too!!

I lost a total of 21 pounds in the 12 weeks !! My goal at the beginning was 15 pounds. Thanks Alex K!!”

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