Eating tips for the Christmas Holidays

Eating tips for the Christmas holidays

Eating tips for the Christmas holidays

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner and many people find themselves dreading the ???inevitable??? five pound weight gain that comes from indulging in all the sugary treats, rich appetizers and alcoholic beverages typical of the seasonal celebrations.?? It doesn???t have to be like this though.?? With a little forward planning and a few smart strategies, you can reasonably expect to maintain, not gain weight.?? Here are some eating tips for the Christmas holidays that you can easily use to help you out.

1.???? ??Eat before the Party!?? Let???s get honest here.?? Humans are social beings and when we are with others, eating, drinking and enjoying each other???s company, we tend to eat more simply because everyone else is.?? Coming hungry to a party is double whammie since the foods that your body actually needs for fuel such as lean protein, vegetables, fruit aren???t likely to be found in abundance on your host???s buffet table.?? So fill up at home and come prepared to chat ??? not eat.

2.???? ??Bring your own Healthy Dish.?? If you???ve been asked to contribute something to the buffet table, volunteer to bring the veggie platter or fruit platter or a salad ??? something wholesome that will give you a good alternative to snack on.?? Even if you weren???t asked, your host would probably appreciate the thoughtfulness of your contribution ??? and everyone wins!

3.???? ??Choose veggies and fruit first.?? When the time comes to help yourself to the spread of delicious food ??? give yourself the gift of an appetizer of veggies and fruit only.?? This will fill you up (on nourishing, low-calorie foods).???? Do treat yourself later to your favourites, but always start with the fiber rich foods first.?? You???ll thank yourself later.

4.???? ??Wine Spritzers.?? Drinking too much alcohol is a great way to lose control at the buffet table, not to mention the dance floor.?? A great way to draw out your wine is by mixing a third of a glass of wine with two thirds non-spiked punch or cranberry juice.?? Keep in mind that spiked beverages such as eggnog quickly add up the calories.

5.???? ??Sit as far away as you can from the buffet table.?? Helping yourself stay away from the buffet table really helps stave off temptation.?? Enjoy sparkling conversation and meaningful connection instead of second helpings.

6.???? ??Use a dessert plate.?? Using a small dessert plate will help your portion control.?? We all tend to fill up our plates (our eyes our bigger than our stomach syndrome).?? By choosing a smaller plate, you will likely not be taking more than you actually need.

7.???? ??Chew gum.?? Chew a stick of gum after you???ve eaten.?? You???ll avoid nibbling unneeded extras at the table.

8.???? ??Help clean up/serve drinks.?? Keeping yourself busy by making yourself available to your host/hostess is kind to both of you.?? It will help you stay away from the treats and drinks and will allow your host to enjoy some time with his/her guests

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