Train like an athlete for optimal fitness

Train like an athlete for optimal fitness

Train like an athlete for optimal fitness

If you want to get in the best shape of your life you need to train like an athlete for optimal fitness. Training like an athlete will take your fitness level to new heights that you just won’t experience with the average training program.

Athletes train for power, speed, agility, coordination, balance, strength and endurance. Imagine bringing this intensity and overall conditioning to your workout. This type of training just doesn???t happen with the average trainer.?? If you take a look at the top athletes in professional sports most of them have lean, powerful physiques. Their training styles are unique.

You won’t find top athletes sitting on a bike and then doing your standard circuit training exercises in the weight room. Their full workout routine includes training for everything they need to optimize their performance in sport. Exercises for power include many different types of plyometric jumping drills. They’ll work on speed through acceleration and deceleration drills. Coordination involves moving your body in multiple planes with moving objects coming at you. This is key to all sports and is helpful in everyday life as well.

Balance of course is key to any sport as athletes cannot execute their movements properly without being in a balanced position. Strength is also important in order to fend off or move through opponents. Finally, endurance is essential for those times when an athlete must endure a longer shift than normal and still compete at a high level.

The average person should keep all of these key components in mind when designing their own workout routine. There is an athlete in all of us and we could use all of these attributes in being successful in our daily lives.

About the Author: Alex K is an online Fitness Professional providing health and wellness to the world through his online workout program Cardio Blast. Members of receive new cardio workouts every week, strength training programs, 50 page meal plan, fitness tracking and personal training included with their membership.

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BC’s Biggest Bootcamp presented by Cardio Blast

BC's Biggest Bootcamp

BC’s Biggest Bootcamp

Join Cardio Blast Founder Alex K for a great workout in BC’s Biggest Bootcamp. For those of you living in the lower mainland of British Columbia this is a chance to workout with hundreds of fitness minded people just like yourselves.

Plus, we are supporting a great cause by donating all proceeds from the event to the Abbotsford Minor Hockey Association to help underprivileged youth play minor hockey in the upcoming season. Hockey is an expensive sport and we want to help those who can’t afford to play to have a chance as well.

The event takes place on Monday June 17th at 6:30pm. Location is Rotary Stadium in Abbotsford, BC. Cost to attend is a minimum donation of $5 which will be donated to minor hockey. There are over $1300 in door prizes for participants as well.

Deadline to register is June 7th. More information can be found on the website for BC’s Biggest Bootcamp at

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Get your registration forms in today. You don’t want to miss this!!

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Cardio Blast in the Dragons Den

Cardio Blast in the Dragons Den

Cardio Blast in the Dragons Den

Cardio Blast in the Dragons Den! Cardio Blast President and Founder Alex K recently found himself in the Dragons Den to film a segment for the hit CBC show. The online fitness pro describes the experience as being one of the coolest things he has done in his life.

“I got a call last Tuesday from the Dragons Den producer saying we want you to fly to Toronto and come film on Sunday morning” said Alex K. This didn’t leave him a lot of time to prepare. “I had Wednesday and Thursday to book flights and hotels & prepare my presentation and props knowing that once I got to Toronto there wouldn’t be a lot of time for last minute changes.”

Once in Toronto there was one day to prepare and then Alex K had to be at the CBC studio at 6:45am on Sunday morning. “Getting up at 5:00am on Sunday morning wouldn’t have been so bad except my body was on Pacific time which meant I was waking up at 2:00am. This meant very little sleep for what I would consider to be the biggest presentation of my life.” said Alex K.

“Being in the Dragons Den was kind of surreal. I got to talk to and present the business model to Jim Treliving, Kevin O’Leary, Bruce Coxon, David Chilton and Arlene Dickinson. These are the same people I watch every week on the hit CBC show. It was a great experience just to be in the presence of these fabulous entrepreneurs.”

Alex K isn’t allow to disclose the results of the show to anyone until after the show airs. “I was filming for the fall season so it will be a little ways away before the pitch hits the air.” is an online workout program where users get a new online workout every week plus a full 50 page meal plan and fitness tracker for the low cost of $19.99 per month.

The Future of Fitness

The future of fitness

The future of fitness

The future of fitness is exciting and the delivery of fitness to the consumer is changing as we speak. Whereas most home fitness products are currently delivered via DVD to the consumer, in the future, fitness products will be delivered via online streaming video.

Cardio Blast founder Alex K, began to envision this future two years ago when he was trying to figure out a way to bring the Cardio Blast brand of fitness to the world. Cardio Blast believes that sports/sports based training, great lifestyle habits and excellent eating can all make us healthier, happier and more productive in society. We see the difference these make in the lives of our participants and know it can be of benefit to everyone.

Until now this philosophy has only been available to people able to directly train with the company???s founder, Alex K. However, the company vision has now expanded to the entire world with Through our online brand, we are bringing health and wellness to the world like never seen before. Online workouts, meal plans/tracking and fitness tracking all in one location. Our goal is to bring this all at a low cost to the consumer on a small monthly subscription fee. We want to bring health and fitness to the world to help everyone to live and perform to their full potential.

The vision for Cardio Blast is to change the way the fitness world delivers it products to consumers. We think it is inefficient for consumers to order their fitness products/videos and have to wait for them to arrive in the mail. We live in an instant world and if the consumer is ready to purchase and use a fitness product they should get instant access to the product says founder Alex K. When a customer signs up for our program they can log in immediately and do a workout right then. They also get immediate access to the meal plan and fitness tracker which helps them immediately towards achieving their goals. We are very quickly becoming a virtual world and with you can take your workouts anywhere as long as you have online access.

What is Cardio Blast

Cardio Blast

Cardio Blast

Cardio Blast is the newest innovation in the fitness industry developed by fitness pro Alex K. This online workout program brings users the full fitness package right to their home or wherever they have online access around the world.

What makes Cardio Blast different from the other fitness programs out there?

  • All workout programs are delivered online to users so they can access their workouts anywhere in the world where they have online access.
  • Users get a new workout video every week for the low cost of $4.61 per week.
  • Most of the drills are sports based giving users a unique workout with a lot of variety.
  • With the Cardio Blast training methodology, users can burn 800 – 1000 calories in a 45 minute workout which makes their workout time very efficient.
  • Users get a full Meal Plan included with their workout with many meals and snacks to choose from. The Meal Tracker will also help them to stay on track with the calories they consume.
  • The Cardio Blast Fitness Tracker helps users to track all of their activities and goals. This keeps them accountable and helps them stay the course.

To add to all of this there are no contract periods. Users can sign up, use it whenever they like and cancel at any time with no fees!

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Alex K founder of Energy Training Systems

Alex K Founder of Energy Training Systems

Alex K Founder of Energy Training Systems

Energy Training Systems (ETS Fitness) was founded by its President Alex K. He has been involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years. In addition he is certified as a BCRPA Supervisor of Fitness Leaders and Personal Trainer. During his career Alex K has taught many different types of fitness classes as well as training other instructors in the industry. Through his classes and one-on-one training he has helped tens of thousands of people achieve their fitness goals.

Alex K has been involved in and studied sports his whole life. He is also very passionate about fitness. He has played competitive hockey and competes at the top level in tennis in the province of British Columbia. In addition, he has trained university level athletes to help them achieve top physical conditioning in order to qualify for scholarships. If you are looking for innovative drills and different ways to workout, check out his online training at

What does a Cardio Blast Workout look like

A Cardio Blast workout is something unique and different that people need to experience. Recently, Alex K took 6 of his participants and invited them out for a Cardio Blast workout training session. He took the drills from one workout of Cardio Blast and put these girls through the ringer. There was no slacking off here. They had to do all of the drills to their full effort with the extra benefit of having Alex motivating and pushing them throughout the workout.

Cardio Blast Workout

Cardio Blast Workout

Check out this short video to see what a great home workout it is.

Please visit for more information on home workouts with Alex K.

Cardio Blast launches online workout program

Cardio Blast Online Workout

Cardio Blast Online Workout

Cardio Blast has officially launched it’s new online workout program at We have great new online workout videos for our members that will challenge them each and every week. That’s right you get a new workout video delivered to you online every week.

We have combined this with our Cardio Blast Ultimate Athletic Meal Plan to give you great meals and snacks that will help you achieve your weight loss goals. In addition our Cardio Blast Fitness Tracker will help you focus on your results.

We offer the complete online workout fitness package at an amazing low price of $4.61 per week. For more information check out our website at