Exercising with your baby

Exercising with your baby

Exercising with your baby can be challenging ??? and tempting to avoid altogether.?? Don???t miss this golden opportunity.?? Work out with your baby at home or at a local park, using your baby as your ???dumbell???.?? An average two month old baby can weigh up to 10 pounds, which is the perfect weight to be lifting to get back into shape.?? Before you begin any weighted exercise, please consult with your doctor or midwife and never do these exercises if you are still bleeding postpartum.?? In that case, just go for a walk and get some fresh air with your baby.?? A tip I got from a mom recently: ???Make your playlists as long as you plan to exercise!?? It will keep you from constantly glancing at the timer.?? The less you think about how much time is left, the more likely it will just fly by!???

Grab your snugglie or baby bjorn (borrow one if you don???t have one), and securely strap your baby into it.?? For young babies (1-3 months), let them face you ??? your movements will probably even put them to sleep (yeah!).?????? Here is a sample workout.?? To warm up, go for a five minute brisk walk and then do 10-15 walking lunges.?? Next, do 3 sets of squats, making sure to keep your knees over your toes.?? Alternate 10 lunges on each leg with those squats.?? Walk again for 1 minute.?? Repeat once.

For your upper body, use either two hands holding your baby to do arm curls, or leave baby strapped on and grab your dumb bells.???? Alternate 3 sets of bicep curls with 3 sets of tricep dips off a chair.

Work on your chest and back strength next.?? Pushups are a great way to build your chest and back muscles.?? Start on your knees and work your way up to full pushups on your toes.?? Always remember to bend your elbows to 90 degrees and get low! Do three sets of 10 pushups.

Abs are essential to rebuilding your core, reducing any back pain you may have and helping you stay strong for your baby.?? It???s super easy to do too! Make it a game of peek-a-boo if you want, but do those crunches and plank work.?? For your crunches, place baby on your thighs, facing you or on the floor beside you and work up to 30 crunches.?? Do it in sets of 10 if you need to.?? Repeat once.?? Next do a simple plank.?? Start with your knees on the floor and work your way up to being on your toes.?? Place your baby on the floor in front of you as you do the exercises.

And finally, always do your stretching.?? It will prevent injury, and help relax those sore muscles!?? Cardio Blast offers a full suite of stretching and strength videos that all moms can do at home. Remember that by taking a half hour for your own health and strength, you will be less tired, less prone to injury, and better able to care for your baby!

About the Author: Alex K is an online Fitness Professional providing health and wellness to the world through his online workout program Cardio Blast. Members of www.Cardioblast.com receive new cardio workouts every week, strength training programs, 50 page meal plan, fitness tracking and personal training included with their membership.

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Warmup and Cooldown are essential for workouts

Warmup and Cooldown

Warmup and Cooldown

The warmup and cooldown are two important parts to a workout that most people don???t pay attention to yet both are essential to the quality of your workouts.

A proper warmup usually lasts 5 to 10 minutes and allows your muscles to get adequate blood flow to prepare for the workout ahead. By drawing blood to your muscles you give them a chance to lift more and move faster for a longer period of time. Your muscles also increase in temperature during the warmup which allows them to become more flexible and?? avoid injuries.

Ideally, you also want your warmup to include activities that will mimic the workout ahead except to a lighter intensity. This will help your body activate the mind/body connection that is key to success with your activity. This is especially important for sports where you need to perform at your optimal level from the start of the competition.

A proper cooldown includes a mild cardio workout which gradually reduces your heart rate and helps your body remove lactic acid (waste products created during your workout) from your muscles. This in turn helps your body recover more quickly which will make your next workout more effective. By doing this you achieve greater fitness results much quicker.

The second part of your cooldown should include static stretches that you hold for 30 seconds. This will help return your muscles to their normal lengthened state and reduce stiffness which further helps to prevent injuries.

About the Author: Alex K is an online Fitness Professional providing health and wellness to the world through his online workout program Cardio Blast. Members of www.Cardioblast.com receive new cardio workouts every week, full meal planning, fitness tracking and personal training included with their membership.

What is your favourite post-workout snack?

Post-workout Snack

Post-workout Snack

What is your favourite post-workout snack? We know that refueling your body quickly after a workout is extremely important to your recovery but what you eat is just as important as how quickly you eat.

One of our favourite post-workout snacks is a whey protein smoothie. The recipe is shown above and gives you everything you need to fuel your recovery. The whey protein gives your body what it needs to repair it’s muscles and tissues. The fruit and vegetables help to replace the glucose you have burned. Adding liquid to the drink will also help you replace fluids lost during your workout. Overall this is just a great snack after a workout.

Now we want to hear from you. What is your favourite post workout snack? Share your ideas and recipes with us on our facebook wall at www.facebook.com/cardioblast. We would love to hear from you.

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Workout for busy professionals with Alex K

Workout for busy professionals

Workout for busy professionals via herlitz_pbs

A workout for busy professionals is often difficult to achieve. Many people end up working long hours to obtain success in their careers and forget that their health is vital to their success.

“After years of being active, I switched careers and staying in shape became more of a challenge. When I heard of ETS Bootcamp with Alex K, it seemed like a great way to stay in shape with a consistent workout. No matter what shape you are in Alex K will find ways to push you to achieve yours goals. It is a fantastic way to not only tone up and lose weight, but also increase to your cardiovascular health. I would recommend ETS Bootcamp and Alex K for anyone who is committed and motivated to improve their fitness. You will not be disappointed!” Alyssa Wiens

With www.blog.cardioblast.com training, a workout for busy professionals should be easy to achieve. Our workouts are 45 minutes long and don’t require driving anywhere. This can?? easily save you 20 – 30 minutes of round trip driving to the gym. All you need is online access. Plus our unique Cardio Blast training methodology allows you to burn the most calories in the shortest period of time. This saves you more time and makes your workouts more effective. Check it out today!

Avoid junk food at work during the holidays

Avoid Junk Food

Avoid Junk Food via Life Supercharger

Trying to avoid junk food during the holidays can often be challenging. Often co-workers will often bring junk food into work and eating this food can quickly add on extra calories. Just picture all of the Halloween candy or Christmas chocolates sitting in the lunch room at your office.

To avoid eating too much of these empty calorie foods we suggest bringing your own healthy snacks to work. Prior to visiting the lunch room, make sure you are mostly full with these healthy snacks. Then you can go and sample the other alternatives that your co-workers bring in without feeling hunger and wanting to fill up on them.

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Missing your workouts

Missing your workouts

Missing your workouts

The next time you think about missing your workouts think about that friend or relative who is too ill to get out of bed. There is a purpose for what you do.

Remember that exercising isn’t just about looking and feeling good in the short term. The benefits of exercise are truly long term. Whatever you do now impacts your future so stay dedicated as tough as it may be.

Missing your workouts may not seem like such a big deal but it all adds up over time. Keep it up and give yourself the best chance for a long, healthy and happy life.

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Stop weight gain during the holidays

Stop Weight Gain

Stop Weight Gain via ppurgedschneider

In order to stop weight gain during the Christmas holidays we need to focus on a few things. The holidays tend to be a time when we are busier and tend to eat more food than normal. This means we workout less and eat more calories. This of course is a bad combination as we have two things working against us.

To stop weight gain during the holidays we suggest scheduling your workouts during your day like you would schedule other meetings or appointments. This will ensure you stick to your workouts. Also since most of you have less time to work out we suggest you try interval training during your workouts. Interval training involves short bursts of intense exercise and this will burn more calories than steady exercise.This means you don’t have to work out as long as normal to burn the same number of calories.

We also suggest you keep track of your eating so you know how many extra calories you are eating. Remember that one pound is 3500 calories so for every 3500 extra calories you eat above and beyond your norm you can expect to gain a pound of weight. This is not very difficult to do especially given the high calories most Christmas goodies have in them.

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Woman drives one hour for Alex K training

Alex K training

Alex K training

This woman drives one hour twice a week for Alex K training sessions and loves it.

“I drive all the way from Coquitlam for this class so that must say something about how good it is! Always something new and different. If you want to lose weight and have fun this class is the answer!”?? ~ Jenna McRae

We have many member at Cardio Blast who enjoy the motivation provided by Alex K. They get the results they want and have great variety in their workouts. Want to learn more about Alex K training? Visit www.blog.cardioblast.com.

Stay in Shape rather than Getting Back into Shape

Stay in Shape

Stay in Shape

If you think it’s a lot of work to stay in shape try getting back into shape. We realize it’s a grind sometimes to force yourself to workout even though you don’t want to. You may be tired, sore or just plain lazy that day. Just remember no matter how hard it is to get your workout in day in and day out to stay in shape, the other side of the coin is much tougher. We all have family and friends who have been on that workout roller coaster where they workout for a few days, weeks or months. Then they fall off the wagon and go back at it again a few months later. Trying to get back into shape is twice as tough and takes a lot of work. Often you get sore and the workouts become much tougher when you are trying to get back in shape. Let’s face it. Staying in shape requires a great deal of motivation and willpower. However, the long term benefits to your overall health and the ease to maintain this far outweigh the short term perceived benefits of having a break from your exercise routine. For more information on staying in shape check out www.blog.cardioblast.com.

Alex K founder of Energy Training Systems

Alex K Founder of Energy Training Systems

Alex K Founder of Energy Training Systems

Energy Training Systems (ETS Fitness) was founded by its President Alex K. He has been involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years. In addition he is certified as a BCRPA Supervisor of Fitness Leaders and Personal Trainer. During his career Alex K has taught many different types of fitness classes as well as training other instructors in the industry. Through his classes and one-on-one training he has helped tens of thousands of people achieve their fitness goals.

Alex K has been involved in and studied sports his whole life. He is also very passionate about fitness. He has played competitive hockey and competes at the top level in tennis in the province of British Columbia. In addition, he has trained university level athletes to help them achieve top physical conditioning in order to qualify for scholarships. If you are looking for innovative drills and different ways to workout, check out his online training at www.blog.cardioblast.com.