Dangers of Belly Fat

Dangers of Belly Fat

Dangers of Belly Fat via ppurgedschneider

The dangers of belly fat are something that you cannot ignore. Generally we think of being fat or overweight as unhealthy but rarely do we think about where we are storing our excess fat.

Normally fat that is stored in the extremities, the arms and legs, is considered to be less damaging to your health than fat that is stored in your mid section. Intra-abdominal fat, the kind that surrounds the internal organs, tends to affect cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure more than fat in the arms and legs. Males tend to store more of their fat in their mid-section and are generally more prone to these issues. Women tend to store more of their fat in the hips and legs which puts less pressure on their heart and internal organs.

Generally when you feel the stomach of a person that is carrying extra abdominal fat you will notice one of two things. The stomach may feel very soft which means that most of the fat is sitting on top of the stomach muscles. This is better for your health. If you feel the stomach and it feels rock hard then likely most all of the fat is being stored under the stomach muscle wall. This is an unhealthy way to store fat and puts a lot of pressure on the internal organs.

The dangers of this type of belly fat are increased cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure which can cause significant long term damage to your health. Diet, medications and less exercise are the main causes of the increase in belly fat over the last several decades. It???s never too late to tackle this problem. It takes conviction to exercise daily and follow a sensible diet. Just remember the longer you have abused your body the longer it will take to get it back to a normal condition – so be patient! Whatever you do don’t delay. Belly fat is like a ticking time bomb waiting to trigger a heart attack or some other disease.

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