Train specifically for your sport

Train specifically for your Sport

Train specifically for your Sport

Why should you train specifically for your sport? Well when it comes down to it, the art of sport involves perfecting the movement patterns of the sport over and over again. This can be done through practicing the sport but more importantly should be done while you are training in the gym or home as well for the sport.

Try and get specific with your training. If you are training for a sport or activity that involves movement in a lot of different directions then you should spend a lot of time doing drills on the ground that involve the movement patterns of your sport. Doing cardio on a machine will help improve your cardio but will not train you in the movement patterns that you need to be most effective while competing.

Also try to get creative with your strength training. Cables and resistance bands are great tools to help you work on movement patterns and strength at the same time. They give you resistance through large ranges of motion even without the pull of gravity. Dumbells are great for certain exercises but only offer resistance in the vertical (up and down) plane. Cables and resistance bands can help you train in all sorts of directions with different movements.

Try to get creative and train specifically for your sport. Take 5 – 10 of the main movements of your sport and create both cardio and strength drills for these movements. Give it 4 – 8 weeks and you will notice improvement. Good Luck in your training!!

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