5 Causes of Back Pain & Simple Solutions

5 Causes of Back Pain & Simple Solutions

5 Causes of Back Pain & Simple Solutions

Most adults experience some form of back pain in their life.?? However, this doesn???t need to be chronic or a life sentence.?? For most people, simply knowing what contributes to their pain and how to compensate for it is more than half the battle! In this article we discuss 5 causes of back pain & simple solutions that can help alleviate your pain and reduce your intake of prescription/over-the-counter painkillers. Here are a few easy habits you can incorporate into your daily routine.

1) Problem: Sitting for long periods of time.
Solution: Take regular breaks from your desk/computer. Go out for a quick walk up the block and back.?? Stretch your hip flexors and hamstrings, chest and neck.?? Remember to keep yourself hydrated.?? This will help decrease muscle soreness.?? If this is you in the evening, get up and walk around or tidy up during commercial breaks on TV.

2) Problem:?? Poor support from your footwear.
Solution:?? Of course, stiletto heels are a back pain No-No. But did you also know that flats and sandals are also hard on your back when worn continuously? Lack of arch support can contribute to knee, back and neck pain in the future. Wear good supportive shoes as often as you can.?? Switch to something more stylish when you get to the office if you like.?? Some women like to keep a favorite pair of black flats under their desk or in a drawer to change into.?? Do spend more on a stylish, supportive and comfortable walking shoe!

3) Problem: Smoking.
Solution:?? Smoking is well known for causing lung cancer after years of exposure, but it could also be contributing to back pain.?? When you smoke, the nicotine that you inhale constricts your blood vessels, resulting in poorer blood flow to your entire body including your vertebrae and disks.?? This may cause them to age more quickly and break down sooner, causing you increased pain.?? Do yourself a favor and seek out help in your community and from your doctor to quit!?? Your body will thank you.

4) Problem: Failing to strengthen your lower back
Solution:?? Strengthen your lower back and core.?? When most of us hear the word ???core??? we picture our abs ??? but it actually includes your side, pelvic and buttock muscles as well.?? There are some great and simple exercises you can do to strengthen these including plank, crunches, side raises and hip bridges.

5) Problem: Sleeping on your stomach.
Solution:?? Sleeping on your stomach puts unneeded stress and unnatural strain on your lower back.?? Sleeping in a side position or on your back helps keep your spine in line in a more neutral position.?? Some people may find that getting a firmer mattress can help alleviate back pain as an extra soft mattress won???t support your body in the places it needs to allow the spine to decompress during the night as it needs to.?? Make sure you use a good supportive pillow for your neck and one for your knees if you find it helpful.

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