5 Quick tips for healthy eating

5 Quick Tips for Healthy Eating

5 Quick Tips for Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is really very simple.?? Eat fruits and vegetables in their natural state.?? Enjoy eggs and poultry, meat and fish often and drink lots of water.?? It can be overwhelming if you???re trying to eliminate processed foods from your diet because, simply put, the ???convenience??? of them is simply addictive (not to mention the additives). Here are 5 quick tips for healthy eating to help keep yourself on track.?? We???ve found them useful and hope you do too!

Include Greens in two of your meals each day.?? This is really easy to do.?? If you have a smoothie in the morning, add a leaf of kale or a small handful of spinach.?? Put some baby greens under your rice at supper or eat a big salad at lunch.

Use your slow cooker for stews and cooking beans.?? A slow cooker is a busy mom???s MUST-HAVE.?? Its easy to chop a few carrots, a potato, onion and throw a couple pieces of bone-in chicken on top with a few spices (or a homemade marinade ??? check on-line recipes for quick n easy options).?? This takes 15 minutes max before you head off to work/school.?? Its ready for you when you get home in the afternoon ??? all you need is to cook some quinoa, or rice or pasta to go with your yummy main.

It???s also great for increasing your bean intake.?? Beans are a VERY affordable way to increase your fiber, protein and vitamin intake especially when you buy them dried in big bags.?? They just need a little prep.?? Put them to soak before you head off to bed.?? The following morning, they will be ready to cook.?? You can cook them stovetop if you have the time, but I like to use my slowcooker and maximize my efficiency while I???m away.?? Rinse and set them to cook in plenty of water on low.?? Drain and rinse again after they???re cooked.?? Use them right away in soups, stews, salads or hummus or freeze in sandwich bags for another day.

Prep your veggies/snacks on a Sunday night.?? Probably the biggest protest from most people is that eating healthy takes so much time.?? Condensing your prep time to a couple hours on a slow evening makes it a cinch when you???re on the go.?? Chop your broccoli and cauliflower into snack sized pieces.?? Peel your carrots and trim the ends.?? You could even dice a few onions and celery ahead of time ??? making prep time for omelletes a snap during the week.?? Set aside little baggies of dried fruits and/or nuts for work.?? If you???re more ambitious, make a big pot of pasta sauce (can be used for pizza sauce, baked chicken), and even a stew or two.?? Freeze them in meal sized portions and you???re set for the week!

Include 3 elements in every meal: think Color, Fat and Protein.?? Colorful vegetables and fruits are easy to include.?? Drizzle your salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for an easy way to include fat. Or add some avocado. Include an egg (boiled or poached) or canned salmon or chicken with your salad.?? Healthy fats and simple proteins keep you fuller and contribute to your overall energy levels staying consistent throughout the day.

Substitute honey, real maple syrup and stevia in your recipes, hot drinks and smoothies.?? Honey has long been reputed to have healing properties.?? Stevia adds sweetness (when used very sparingly) and doesn???t increase your blood sugar.?? Check out ideas on-line for recipes using these ingredients and substitute them when you bake. Start today and use these 5 quick tips for healthy eating.

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